M67 Grenades

M67 Grenades
M67 Grenades
M67 Grenades
M67 Grenades

M67 Grenades

Item ID: 29470616
UPC: 1999797193


Category: Explosives & Grenades
Type: Grenades
Brand: M67
Model: Grenades
Caliber: 90 mm


Capacity: 10 Grenades
Weight: 2 Oz
Material: Alloy Steel
Sight: Fixed
Purpose: Explosive
$700 $800 (IN STOCK)

The M67 hand grenade uses a time fuze and is thrown by hand. The steel body (63.5 mm dia.) breaks up on detonation and generate a large number of lethal fragments. The grenade is activated by a conventional striker using an M42 percussion primer. The M213 pyrotechnic delay fuze provides a 4 to 5 seconds delay. The grenade weighs approximately 390 gr and the average throwing range is 40 meters. Its lethal radius is approximately 15 meters.

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