Sako TRG 42

Sako TRG 42
Sako TRG 42
Sako TRG 42
Sako TRG 42

Sako TRG 42

Item ID: 95229108
UPC: 2489823750


Category: Rifles
Type: Rifles
Brand: Sako
Model: TRG 42
Caliber: .260 Remington (TRG-22)


Capacity: 7-rounds
Weight: 25 Oz
Material: Forest Green
Sight: Aperture rear (with flip-up open tritium night/combat sight); day or night optics
Purpose: Duty \ Range
$1050 $1300 (IN STOCK)

The Sako TRG 42 is a firearm for serious long-range competitions and can be equipped with a vast array of accessories to meet the most demanding requirements.

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