HK USP Tactical

HK USP Tactical
HK USP Tactical
HK USP Tactical
HK USP Tactical

HK USP Tactical

Item ID: 55096480
UPC: 2871634088


Category: Handguns
Type: Pistol
Brand: Heckler and Koch
Model: Heckler and Koch USP TACTICAL
Caliber: 9mm / .40 / .45 AUTO


Capacity: 10 rounds (civilian use)
Weight: 32 Oz
Material: Metal and Black Polymer
Sight: Adjustable match sight
Purpose: Defence
$530 $600 (IN STOCK)

The USP Tactical features resemble those of Mark 23. It has been designed for users preferring a more compact pistol. High intrinsic accuracy due to o-ring insert minimizing barrel play Adjustable micrometer rear sight Target trigger with trigger stop Extended magazine floor plate Extended threaded barrel Dimensions: Length approx. 218.00 mm Width approx. 32.0 mm Height approx. 154.0 mm Barrel length approx. 129 mm Sight radius approx. 171.0 mm Weight: Pistol approx. 919 g Magazine approx. 103 g

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